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ASMAZ is the Azteca Entrepreneur Association (Asociación del Empresario Azteca in Spanish), a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote self-employment and support Mexican entrepreneurs in collaboration with Banco Azteca. The bank offers a specific credit product named Azteca Entrepreneur (Empresario Azteca in Spanish) for those who become members of the Azteca Entrepreneur Association as well as for those customers who want to start or expand a business.

The Azteca Entrepreneur Association was created in 2004 as an initiative of Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Chairman of Grupo Salinas.

Today, thousands of people are part of the association and are offered free business promotion as well as health protection, legal advice and have access to courses and workshops that seek to bring micro business experts to train them the basics of entrepreneurship and business management.

In 2013, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) granted Banco Azteca and ASMAZ the Beyond Banking Award for fostering gender equity through the program "Empowerment of women entrepreneurs".

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