Enlace TP , together with Totalplay, is a company of Grupo Salinas that offers Internet service, fixed telephony and networks. Enlace TP. Enlace TP has the biggest urban coverage of optic fiber; in other words, we connect more places in your city than any other company, for all kinds of companies, from small businesses to large corporations, and government institutions.

Enlace TP has more than 30,000 clients across Mexico thanks to its innovation, technology, coverage, qualified personnel and experience in different types of industries.


Address: Avenida Periférico Sur No. 4119, Torre A Piso 7, Colonia Fuentes del Pedregal, Delegación Tlalpan, C.P. 14141, México, D.F.
Phone: 01 800 188 0004


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Enlace TP
Information and pricing: 01 800 188 0004
Attention: Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Customer service: 01 800 303 3333
Attention: Monday to Friday, 24 hours, Saturday from 6:00 am yo 10:30 pm
Payment: 01 800 033 6522 y 6235 2509

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