Social Commitment

It is the national network of symphony orchestras and choirs which provides to underprivileged children and youth a better quality of life.

It gathers efforts and resources from society, the chamber of deputies and the federal and state governments. In five years we have built over 80 orchestras in Mexico, El Salvador and Los Angeles, USA, promoting high values like discipline, excellence, self-esteem and teamwork in over 16,000 talented children and young people, as well as its more than 1,200 teachers.

In January 2012, "La Constancia Mexicana" opened its doors as the national headquarters of the Esperanza Azteca Orchestras. It features high-tech classrooms, record and video library. This is the training center for the whole country and the school for 600 children from Puebla. It is expected to offer a degree in music soon.

In 2013, the orchestra was recognized by former US President Bill Clinton at the closing ceremony of the Clinton Global Initiative. Also in 2013, offered the Solidarity Concert in Acapulco, which had the participation of 215 young musicians from all the Esperanza Azteca Orchestras, and were joined by sopranos Blue Angel and Michelle Joy West, and tenor Placido Domingo, who all were under the direction of Eugene Kohn and Julio Saldaña. The concert was to gather funds for the reconstruction efforts of Acapulco after it suffered the floods from the hurricanes.

In 2014, 160 concerts were held in Mexico; participated in several international and national cultural festivals; presented at The Aspen Institute, Museo del Barrio, Teach for Mexico "Teach for All", CEMEFI, COPARMEX, Micropolis, Seguros Zurich, La Academia Kids, Caminos de la Libertad, the 12th Annual Edition of the Business Summit, La Ciudad de las Ideas 2014 and before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, among many other events. Also, combined with this, they presented several benefit concerts for state offices of the National System for Integral Family Development in solidarity for underprivileged communities; as well as in support for the victims of natural disasters during the year.

Fundación Azteca America

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