Social Commitment

The most honest way to transform our ethical values into actions is  Fundación Azteca, the non-profit organization of Grupo Salinas in Mexico, working to develop a fairer society.

At Grupo Salinas, we strongly believe in the rights of the individual and in personal freedom. Generosity is our core value in helping society, especially those who are less fortunate, through different initiatives aimed at improving health, education, the enviroment, and promoting culture.

The projects based on shared social values were conceived and inspired by our ideals. Fundación Azteca El Salvador, Fundación Azteca Guatemala, Fundación Azteca del Perú, Arte & Cultura Grupo Salinas, Caminos de la Libertad, Kybernus, as well as our sponsorship of Ciudad de las Ideas, reflect the way in which we transform our ideas into actions that benefit society. The environment, education, health, nutrition, spreading culture, citizen empowerment, and the defense of fundamental liberties are fields in which our social commitment is actively developed.