Social Commitment

The Women´s Project is a Grupo Salinas initiative, headed by Elisa and Francesca Salinas, whose objective is to promote the autonomy and dignity of women in México. Through its work, it seeks to create a cultural change to promote non-violence against women and replicate good practices in social development at a national and international level.

As one of its first initiatives, it partnered with the Sakal Media Group and the Delivering Change Foundation to launch the Tanishka Forum México, as it also brings the participation of other social projects of Grupo Salinas such as Fundación Azteca and Kybernus. The Tanishka Forum is a program that has been successfully implemented in India, with over 100,000 women in groups, working together for social change and empowering, as well as the economic change of women.

Tanishka is supported by a network of supervisors, coordinators and reporters, who advise, assess and follow-up to the groups and their proposed projects. When a group of women reach their goals and progress, the empowering is such that the group takes on bigger and more significant challenges.

Grupo Salinas and The Women’s Project (TWP) will team-up to create synergies with public institutions, society, academies, corporations and media in favor of the Mexican woman.

The Womens’s Project – Tanishka México Kybernus

I'm sure that if we empower Mexican women we will have taken a huge step towards a fairer, more equitable and prosperous society.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego
Present ion of the Tanishka México

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