Grupo Salinas reaffirms its commitment to inclusive prosperity by joining UN Global Compact
  • It will participate with more than 9,500 global companies, in the promotion of sustainable operations and responsible business practices
  • The global goal is that organizations around the world strengthen their actions to support environmental sustainability, human and labor rights, and fight corruption

Mexico City, February 26, 2019 – Grupo Salinas, a group of dynamic, fast-growing and technologically advanced companies, deeply committed to the modernization of the countries where they operate, and founded by entrepreneur Ricardo Salinas, announced today that it has signed on to the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, in order to strengthen actions that support the environment, human and labor rights, and combat corruption.

The goal of the initiative is that participating companies incorporate the principles of the Global Compact in their strategies and operations, and that they implement projects that support sustainable development, strengthen labor inclusion, and confront climate change.

The Global Compact was created in 2000 and brings together 9,500 companies from all economic sectors, as well as 3,000 non-business organizations —from academic institutions to local governments— from more than 160 countries that seek to join forces to contribute to the creation of a better world.

Consistent with the guidelines of the Global Compact, Grupo Salinas believes that companies have become institutions that, in addition to generating economic wealth, are a means to achieve social change, improve living standards, and mitigate impact on the environment.

In addition to offering world-class products and services —in the commercial, financial, media and telecommunications sectors— that boost the quality of life for millions of families, the companies of Grupo Salinas promote the well-being of their more than 90,000 employees in Mexico, the United States, and Central and South America.

Similarly, Grupo Salinas companies develop and implement projects that improve the environment and society through Fundación Azteca, with programs such as Movimiento Azteca, Esperanza Azteca, Juguetón, and Plantel Azteca.

They also support diverse initiatives —including the La Ciudad de las Ideas, Caminos de la Libertad and Kybernus— that strengthen freedoms, the dissemination of knowledge, and seek to build environments that support inclusive development and a better future.

Through Un Nuevo Bosque and Limpiemos nuestro México, Grupo Salinas companies promote activities that aim to preserve the environment for future generations. In addition, they promote the sustainable use of natural resources in their value chain and use environmentally-friendly energy. Renewable energy consumption in Grupo Salinas companies currently represents 37% of total demand and this proportion is gradually being increased.

Finally, through Arte & Cultura Grupo Salinas, they contribute to preserving the cultural heritage of Mexico and disseminate artistic creation, as well as our history, identity, and cultural values.

Grupo Salinas reiterates its firm commitment to inclusive prosperity and actively participates in initiatives that seek to promote the creation of economic, social, and environmental value that promotes improved levels of well-being and progress.